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Flatlined Love

Do you feel as if the very life has been sucked out of your marriage? Is the word DIVORCE, common place in your home? Perhaps forgiveness has become an impossible feat towards your spouse. You may be single and pondering whether or not you’re preparing effectively for marriage. If you found yourself or anyone that you know in any of the above scenarios,                                    “FLATLINED LOVE” will steer you in a positive direction. Antonio and                                       Linda Lee have put their poignant story of their life and marriage in the                                 pages of this book. They share their mutual hurdles and catastrophes well                               as their miraculous triumphs.They tell their story with a rawness and a                                   level of transparency that can only be told from the heart. 

Your BFF Really???

Are you dealing with the pleasures of friendships yet only to feel such pain at the same time? Perhaps you're choosing the wrong friends or they are the perfect ones... Would you know the difference? Whether you're                                   interested in learning how to keep your friendships healthy and thriving or                               you need to remove yourself from one that is draining you. Your BFF                                       Really?   Is it for you? Linda K Lee takes a practical yet spiritual look into                               a topic that is very important though immensely misunderstood. This book                               is written to give a better understanding of the pivotal yet purposeful                                     platonic relationships in our lives.

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